Most gamblers stick to only making match-winner bets as they are very simple and offer great value. To help increase your winners we are going to show you 3 profitable strategies that will instantly turn you into a betting wizard. Let’s get started!

Bet Big On Underdog Athletes With Hometown Advantage

Fight sports athletes who are going to war in front of their hometown fans are much more likely to have an amazing performance. It is common to see hometown fighters look like brand new fighters as they are able to tap into the energy of the crowd. If you want to start making money betting on fight sports look for underdog athletes from Brazil, UK, and Japan who are fighting in their respective nations. By backing an underdog you will receive high odds and with a hometown advantage, an upset is much more likely than the betting sites believe.

Wager On Inexperienced Young Athletes To Upset Older Champions

In fight sports, there is a classic scenario where a young lion takes on the old lion. The young fighter has often never fought anyone nearly as good as the champion and is, therefore, the underdog. However, the older champion often loses as they struggle to deal with the young fighter’s movement, power, speed, and overall confidence. You should look for an instance where a young fighter with a great amateur record who is promoted by a major promoter is fighting because if a top promoter is putting them in a championship fight they are confident that the fighter can win.

Look For A Clash Of Fighting Styles

In fighting sports, the athletes’ styles can play a major role in the result of a match. There are athletes who look invincible against certain athletes but then look absolutely against other athletes, this all comes down to style. For example, an average MMA athlete who is a great wrestler has a great chance of beating a world-class MMA fighter who is mainly a striker. Betting sites often don’t understand the importance of style and only care about results. We like to bet on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts who are competing against wrestlers with poor submission defense. We also like to wager on accomplished wrestlers (NCAA DI and international experience) when they are battling against high-level strikers with a below-average takedown average. Before you place money on a fighter, always study their style and also their opponents and think how the two styles interact with each other!

Time To Bet On Fight Sports

Making winning fight sports bets can be an extremely challenging task. However, by following our simple tips and gambling on fighters who are competing in front of their fans, young and hungry athletes taking on veterans, and identifying stylistic mismatches you will be able to consistently win.