The best way to start winning money betting on fight sports is to choose the right strategy type. There are some types that have a very high chance of winning and others which are essentially lottery tickets and have no hope of paying out. To increase your win percentage we recommend you only make these wagers!

Are Match Winner Wagers Profitable?

Match winner strategies may be incredibly lucrative and are the most popular way to gamble on fight sports. With a match-winner bet, all you need to do is predict which athlete is going to win. Betting sites will give you odds based on the likelihood of one fighter winning. For example, a heavy favorite may have odds of 1.3 while an underdog who is expected to lose may have odds of 3.5.
To make valuable match-winner predictions, you should look for up-and-coming fighters who are young and are fighting in their first title fight against a seasoned champion. Betting sites will often give you great odds on the young fighter as they are concerned about their lack of experience but due to their skill and youth, they often win.

How Do Over/Under Number Of Rounds Predictions Work?

You can bet on how long the competition will last. The sportsbook will set a line and then you take the over or the under. For example, two heavyweight MMA fighters are battling it out and both possess brutal knockout power. The site may set the line at 1 round. If you wager the over and the fight enters the second round you win. We like finding fighters who don’t have much punching power or have a great defense and gambling on the over.

Should You Try A Method Of Victory?

With this strategy, your job is to predict how the contest is going to end. Gambling sites will often offer incredible odds for it, and if you do your study on the particular athletes you can find value. We like to find MMA fighters who have amazing BJJ and grappling skills who are taking on strikers and bet on them to score a submission win.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to earn some cash with fight sports then make a match-winner, a number of rounds or method of victory gamble today! All you need to do is sign up at a specialized site and check out what boxing or MMA fights are on and place your money to win big.